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Elias Elhardt


Elias Elhardt
Dakine, Nitro, Relentless, Deeluxe, TSG Protection, Moreboards
Home mountain
Seegrube / Innsbruck
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I’m lost in space

Where were you born? I was born in Konstanz. A little city in Germany, near the boarder of Austria and Swizerland.

Where do you live now? Right now I live in Innsbruck, Austria. One of the best places to go snowboarding in Europe.

Home mountain? My home mountain is Seegrube, right above the city of Innsbruck. It's only five minutes by car from where I live and offers some really good terrain!

What is your perfect day? I guess, there's many ways to experience a really fulfilled day. Going snowboarding with friends during very good conditions are factors though, that make it very likely for me, to call it a perfect day at the end!

What do you enjoy outside of the mountains? Besides Snowboarding, I'm also into a number of other sports, like Surfing, Biking or Slacklining. Appart from that, I also really enjoy reading a good book, watching a good movie in the cinema or going to cultural events in the city.

Who did you grow up shredding with? When I first got into snowboarding, I was always on the run with my buddy Friedl. He already had a driving licence and with the car of his mother we drove in a Resort every weekend.

Most memorable experience in your snow career so far? Puh, that’s tough, because there’s been so many outstanding times. One of them was definitely when I first got back into snowboarding after I had to take a break for one year due to a bad lungs inflammation. We had tons of powder right infront of our house and I just shredded out home resort every day…

Goals for the coming winters? Keep on doing what I love most… Snowboarding!!

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