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Jason Robinson


Jason Robinson
I live in Montana, however this year I'll only have been there about four months of the year. When I finish my mobile tiny house I will be living wherever the snow or surf is and probably only spend a 2-3 months a year in Montana.
Dakine, Lib Tech, Anon, Bent Metal and One Ball Jay
Home mountain
Big mountain, Montana aka Whitefish Mountain Resort
Favorite place to ride
Natural terrain
Other interests and hobbies
Many things. Traveling, surfing, kayaking, skating, camping, learning, living simply, meeting people, cooking/eating healthy and delicious food. I love dreaming and trying to interpret what my dreams may mean, I've recently gotten into reading and keeping a journal.

Where were you born?I was born in Connecticut. No offense to those that live there but I feel so blessed my parents got out of there and moved us to Montana when I was four years old.
Who did you grow up shredding with?My brothers Aaron and Sean, D-Lo, Billy B, the Remmel bros and the rest of the Montana shredders.
Most memorable experience in your snow career so far? Going to Chile to finish Manifest for A Rob.
Goals for the coming winters? Take a proper AK trip.

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