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Mark Wilson


Mark Wilson
Virginia, MN
Home mountain
Giants Ridge
Dakine, K2, Dragon, Celsius, and Damage Boardshop
Favorite place to ride
Trollhaugen for park. Jackson Hole or Stevens Pass for powder.
Other interests and hobbies
Skateboarding, Traveling, Camping, Swimming, Relaxing, Food, Drink, Etc.
Date of birth
Maui, HI
Who did you grow up shredding with?
I grew up riding with my brother and high school friends then started meeting people who were more into boarding in Duluth, MN about an hour from my parents house. I got on the Damage Boardshop team and and started riding with a lot of the shop guys until I moved away after high school.
Most memorable experience in your snow career so far?
Getting the closing section in last years Keep The Change movie "Homage".
Goals for the coming winters?
To make each winter better than the last. I hope to progress my riding in all areas and to put out video parts that get people excited to strap in.