Product Overview

Steph Koehne


Steph Koehne
Kilauea, Kaua'i
Dakine , Electric Visual, Kicker Audio, Futures fins, Jason Kashiwai Surfboards
Other interests and hobbies
I love deep sea fishing for pelagic fish in the summer months and I love teaching my young son to surf in my free time.

Whether it's chasing huge game fish offshore, chasing huge barrels, or providing for his family - hard work is the name of the game for Steph. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. It’s all the little things that end up amounting to something bigger. I think in big solid waves I can hold my own with most people, but in everyday average surf there are a lot of guys who surf better than me. But they don’t want to stick it out through the big and ugly in order to get the wave of their life. I do."