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Bernd Roediger


Bernd Roediger
Date of birth
October the Seventh of the year Nineteen Ninety-Six
Favorite trick
Favorite DAKINE product
Knit Surf bag, perfect board bag, sleeping bag, towel, sweater, and gorgeous man sash
Dakine, Dakine, Quatro, Goya, Quiksilver, and Maui Fin Company. Also I’m working with a non-profit called +H2O. They work to make clean drinking water accessible around the world, to keep our oceans and beaches clean, to provide disaster relief, and to educate our communities about the importance of clean oceans/rivers/lakes/etc. and how that relates to drinking water down the road

Internet is my interest! Haha no I guess pretty much anything that doesn’t suck… I’ve always got to be doing something new, noteworthy, exploratory. Wandering around Maui can take up a lot of my time, hiking here, swimming there, paddling around that reef, running over the next hill, enjoying the indoor life too, exploring music that a friend introduces me to, discovering a new book that isn’t too boring or tedious, whatever. Still, nothing’s better than traveling to a new place, and the influx of peculiar adventures that come with wondering around in foreign places… I guess that’s why I enjoying surfing so much. Dropping into a wave is like entering another universe, with it’s own particular set of sensations. And the feeling never gets old because every wave is completely unique to its neighbor. What I find even more amazing is how you can alter your universe simply by switching your fins or trying a friends board, suddenly the flow and energy of your riding becomes completely different, and you create a new experience for yourself!