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Nine Knights Ruler of the Week: Geoff Gulevich

Last June Livigno dolled up for the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB 2014. The Mottolino Fun Mountain looked as spectacular as ever with the huge castle (Il Castello) built for the occasion which fired up contestants. Geoff Gulevich went, did his thing and came back with the "Ruler of the Week" title under his arm. To Gully, the chill format of this event makes it so much fun that it's impossible to miss it. The full days of practice you're given allows y...
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Steffi Marth's African Expedition

The Great South African Deutschlander Exploration Journey (GSADEJ) is how Dakine biker Steffi Marth and her fellow countryman Jasper Jausch named their South African adventure. Preparing their participation in the Downhill World Cup in Pietermaritzburg, they decided to touch base with the emerging and vibrant biking scene of Capetown's vicinities. The result was an ever-lasting memory which you can share in their account of the journey for Pinkbi...
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Geoff Gulevich - Red Bull Rampage 2013 revisited

POV Cameras have proved to be real game changers for many extreme sports, and Geoff Gulevich can vouch for that. His heart-stopping Go Pro edit of his run last October 2013 during the Red Bull Rampage was re-posted a few days ago by a fan. A few days later, the virality of the footage was undisputed with close to one million viewers clicking play. A virality that has echoed in the news globally. Check out Gully's interview at Fox News and hear al...
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Steffi's China

Steffi Marth checked her bikes and went to check out the biking scene in China. And she found it! Her adventures have just come out in three reports on In the first one she visits China's first ever bike park, The Lindao Bike Park in Dalian. In the second one she moves to the Xi'an area to get some bamboo forest riding, panda spotting and maybe one or two terracotta soldiers too. In the third one she crowns the Great Wall. Check out...
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Gully's "Best Line" at Nine Knights

DAKINE rider Geoff Gulevich has won the "Best Line" category at the FIAT Nine Knights contest hosted last September, 7th in Livigno (Italy) Twenty-three athletes from ten different countries measures their skills against each other in order to impress the judges in the three different categories. But Gully's line was difficult to match: a tabletop start from the seven meter tower gave way to a speed jump over the kicker and a one foot table top i...
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60 seconds with Geoff Gulevich

DAKINE's "60 seconds" series turns the lense towards the mighty trails of North West America for a new webisode dedicated to our bike ambassador Geoff Gulevich. The infinite possibilities of fun on a bike featured in one minute of pure action. Enjoy!

Dig It Yourself, ep.#1

"Dig It Yourself" is the new web series by featuring DAKINE bike rider Louis Reboul and Pierre-Edouard Ferry. A bike shaping guide with simple and efficient explanations on how to build your own trails. Webisode after webisode, you'll discover new tricks and challenges and, most importantly, how not to mess around!

In the first webisode, "The Line and the Tools", you'll be introduced to the spot and the main tools to shape the terrain ...
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Two-wheels season kicks off!

As resorts close for the winter season you catch yourself looking at the mountain with different eyes... the eyes of a biker! Dust off your bike and get geared to ride down the mountain on your two wheels. Check out our new S13 bike line at, this month DAKINE offers you a free bike poster with one of our amazing riders for every purchase in our online store.