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Make It Count Europe 2014 : George Poole

Meet George Poole. This 17 year old Londoner based in Seignosse (FR) joined the DAKINE family a few years ago as his first sponsor. This year, George won the Make It Count contest in Lille, winning himself a ticket to the European finals held in Lisbon. In what he described as his best skate trip ever, he shared his experience with 13 other skaters from all over Europe.
Skating in the fantastic Parque das Geraçoes with the sea in the background...
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Nozbone "Café Clope" Video

Nozbone Skate Shop has released its video "Café Clope". Following its tenth anniversary in the Parisian skate scene, the iconic skate shop brought together a line up of masterful skaters for an eighteen minute short film that shows you the delights of Paris and proper skateboarding at once.

Ben Raybourn "Welcome to Nike"

Watch Ben Raybourn re-define gnarly in his "Welcome to Nike" full part brought to us by Thrasher.

The Panoramic Series: Antwerp

Panoramic, the web series created by filmer Phil Evans and supported by Carhartt, Lowdown Magazine and DAKINE, has released its second webisode. After Berlin, Phil's custom-made wide angle lense moves to Antwerp, where host Phil Zwijsen and guest Bram de Cleen offer us a different view of the port, transforming its uninviting environs in a land of possibilities.

The Panoramic Series : Berlin

The new skate video project supported by DAKINE with the collaboration of Carhartt and Lowdon Magazine will offer you an all new perspective on big city skating. Filmer Phil Evans built his own own custom-made wide angle lenses to document skateboarding in a much wider context. Experience his scenic vision of four great cities through the wheels of four fantastic skaters in his four part series "Panoramic". Today we explore Berlin with skater Jan...
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DAKINE skater Bastien Duverdier embarked on a trip to the Philippines with filmer Guillaume Périmony and fellow skaters Alex Mizurov, Joseph Biais and Michael Mackrodt. The combination of their flow riding and Guillaume super 8 effects enhanced the natural beauty of a country that would soon afterwards experience the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. "Salamat" (which translates as "Thank You") captures the uniqueness of The Philippines and serves as...
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Ramadan Surprise

The latest adventure of DAKINE Europe Skate Team has taken them to the rails and staircases of Morocco... during the month of Ramadan! Our four ambassadors - Bastien Duverdier, Kevin Tshala, Timothy Deconynck and Benjamin Delaboulaye - went on the road along the Moroccan coastline, putting their bearings to the test. Share the mysticism they experienced... and be ready to share the pain of one or two slams too!

Nozbone Benchmark Contest 2013

The Nozbone Benchmark Contest 2013 took place last Sunday, September 15th in Paris with the support of DAKINE, amongst others. The spot at the Diderot University facilities offered a well known set of benches to which four additional modules were added, making the lines even more interesting. The best line was pulled out by Anthony Rousse, followed by Denny Pham and Dimitri Kostoff. See more in the contest edit.



Over a hundred skaters met at the legendary KNS spot in Antwerp's Theaterplein to compete at the DAKINE Antwerp Skate Contest 2013. Ams and Pros performed their best runs and tricks in front of more than four thousand pairs of eyes who not only enjoyed the show of fine skating. Creative workshops, non-stop Dj performances and DAKINE's burger stand all contributed to an epic day of skateboarding and fun. Congrats to the winners Jonathan Thijs (Pro...
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Make It Count Tour Global Finals

The Element "Make It Count" Tour has produced a global winner for its 2013 edition. Earlier this month, winners from all US stops plus winners of other parts of the world got together in an absolute skate fest. Judges and audience agreed that the level of skateboarding displayed was jaw-dropping. Canadian Jon Cos defended his title fiercely and was victorious, extending his Element sponsorship one more year. Dan Coe from Minneapolis got second an...
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Antwerp Skate Contest 2.013 by DAKINE

Skaters from all over Europe are invited to get together for the must-stop of the summer: the DAKINE Antwerp Skate Contest. A fully customized skate park on the legendary KNS spot in Theaterplein will stage the runs and tricks of ams and pros. And it doesn't stop there: creative workshops of all sorts will be happening too, to the non-stop beat of many dj's. Of, and if you go hungry? Don't worry, DAKINE will be providing fine burgers on the spot....
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Last stops of Element "Make It Count" Tour by DAKINE

As the date of the finals becomes closer, the last European "MIC" stops are producing more winners. These will measure themselves against their other European peers in Rauland, Norway next June 23rd. Meet Shajen Willems, Fabio Colombo and Kasperi Kropsu in the event videos of Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brescia (Italy) and Helsinki (Finland) and wish good luck to the contestants of the very last stop in Skien, Norway. Finals are just around the corn...
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Unheard mini-ramp invitational

The skate distribution company Unheard put up a mini-ramp invitational contest in its Portland facilities. Amongst the 25 contestants, there was the DAKINE crew, who just killed it! Check out Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Steven Reeves and Willis Kimbel destroying this ramp to the delight of all eyes watching... including yours now!

El "Make It Count" Tour continúa

Las paradas europeas del Element "Make It Count" Tour no descansan. Nuevas competiciones han tenido lugar desde la última vez que te pusimos al día. Alemania, Portugal, España y Reino Unido ya tienen a sus ganadores, todos con los ojos puestos en el Element Skatecamp de Rauland, Noruega, donde tendrá lugar la Final Europea el próximo 23 de junio. ¡No te pierdas los vídeos de los eventos de Bochum, Lisboa, Madrid y Nottingham y disfruta!



Element "MAKE IT COUNT TOUR" by DAKINE - 2013 Tour and wildcards

The 2013 edition of the Element "Make It Count" tour by DAKINE has kicked off and this year it comes with a surprise! Stockholm, Edegen, Villiers-sur-Orge and Zürich have got their winners already and you have the chance to join them in the European Finals by winning one of the two wildcards that DAKINE will grant to the winners of the video contest. One minute in one skatepark on one day is all takes. Submit it before may 10th and cross your fin...
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