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Annie Boulanger 2013 full part

After a decade standing out in the male dominated backcountry scene and building herself a reputation that has led her to become one of the most respected female riders, Annie B. has been able to astonish everybody with her 2013 full part. Considered her best part ever by many in the industry, this is a statement of Annie's ongoing mission to push women's snowboarding to new heights.


DAKINE extended its collaboration with the Keep A Breast Foundation beyond the Limited Edition collection especially designed for the occasion. We contributed to the exhibition hosted by KAB with a piece created by two of our womens ambassadors, surfer Lucia Martiño who modelled for a cast bust that was decorated by illustrator Little Madi. Now we have released a video in which you can share their experience and take a look at the creative proces...
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Keep A Breast Limited Edition

DAKINE is proud to announce its partnership with the "Keep a Breast" Foundation. The "Keep A Breast" Limited Edition collection that will be available online in october will benefit KAB's support, education and prevention programs developed to eradicate breast cancer. Coinciding with "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, KAB will be hosting an exhibition in Vasari Auction in Bordeaux next October 3rd showing many pieces of cast busts customized by dif...
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DAKINE S13 collection for girls

Always on a mission to help you carry your essentials with style, DAKINE is bringing to you this summer 13 one of the most versatile collections ever. Beach bags, shoulder totes, backpacks, luggage, all in an assortment of prints and fabrics. Check out the lookbook video and delight!